Fall Cozy


Pink PJ Set // Socks // Cotton Robe // Silk + Velvet Blanket // Gray Mug // Fauchon Tea

Fall has officially arrived!  Shorter days and dropping temperatures mean more time spent indoors.  Rather than sulking for balmy summer days embrace the change and enjoy the moment.  A cozy blanket and a good cup of tea might just be the perfect inspiration for curling up and watching the fall leaves float by.  An Afternoon in Paris tea from Fauchon is simply the best!  Although you’ll have to go there to get it… Orchid Oolong is a close second and available for purchase online here.  Whether its an evening in after work or a lazy Sunday, a little lounging can go a long way.

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One Response to Fall Cozy

  1. Allegra says:

    so cozy!!! love it all! Happy to get an Elle Lush email today!

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