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Introducing Teeccino, a healthy alternative to coffee.  Keep the ritual of waking up to a warm cup of coffee but reap the benefits of this all natural drink packed with nutritional health benefits.  Unlike coffee, Teeccino is non-acidic, caffeine free, a natural energy boost, full of antioxidants, loaded with heart healthy potassium and soluble fiber, prebiotic and it’s gluten free.  It can either be brewed like coffee or steeped in a tea bag, either way it produces the same chocolate brown liquid that you’re used to and even mixes well with your favorite creamer {my vote is almond milk}.  It comes in a wide variety of flavors {French Roast, Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, and Mocha to name a few}.

Coffee is a stimulant and naturally produces a jittery high inevitably followed by a crash.    A lot of the times a crash leads way to another hit of caffeine and then the process begins again.  The body is quick to expel coffee {bathroom break anyone?} because it treats it as a poison.  Have you ever noticed how thirsty you get after that nice frappa-lapa-doublemint-chino?  That’s your body trying to rehydrate and replenish after the toxic sludge hits bottom.

Read up on the benefits of Teeccino here and the negative effects of caffeine here.  Get rid of the jitters and be free from stress.  Even Dr. Oz supports Teeccino as a remedy for fighting  the coffee addiction.

Tea Bag Sampler:


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    Hey beauty lovelove all health tips, teas and creams!! Send more!! Hope you are happy in CA!! Loveu princess

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