May your weekend be filled with sunshine, fresh flowers, laughter and love.  A fresh croissant would be nice too.  Happy Friday!

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one.  two.  three.  four.  five.  six.  seven.  eight.  nine.  ten.  eleven.  twelve.

Another six weeks of winter says the groundhog. . . time to start planning a vacation!  With the never ending country wide cold temps its best to be prepared when traveling.  Delays are practically inevitable with all of the deicing on runways and planes.  Dress smart and be ready for a quick change from a day of jet setting to a night on the town!  This outfit is the perfect for travel by day, dinner by night.  These faux fur fingerless gloves are very necessary for warmth and functional for texting!  If you haven’t tried Frame Denim yet you’re seriously missing out.  These jeans are so comfortable with the perfect amount of stretch, they are slimming and flattering and they never lose their shape.  They’re amazing!  Im new to the Isabel Marant hidden wedge, I now understand the widespread popularity.  This Chloe bag is a classic and the color compliments springs pretty pastels.  I never fly without my Frends headphones– they’re cute and the sound is fantastic!  Intelligent Nutrients lip balm is my new favorite with all natural ingredients and no drying chemicals (isn’t it weird how no matter how many times you reapply some chopsticks they just leave your lips drier?)

It may be cold but spring is just around the corner :)

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Christmas Gift Guide


Wristlet // Moccasin Slippers (on sale!) // BKR Water Bottle // Yoga Towel // Deck of Cards // Kissy Face Umbrella // 2014 Pocket Datebook // World Map Watch // Seaweed Bath Crystals // Santal 26 Candle // La Bruket Rose Soap // Macaroon Boxes // Gold Star Bracelets // Cashmere Gloves (on sale!) // Cashmere Hat // Faux Diamond Studs // Creme de la Creme Print

A gift guide for the last minute shopper!  Everything on this list is under $100.  Some ideas for the girl who has everything. . . Encourage relaxation with this delicious scented candle (a personal favorite).  A girl on the go will appreciate this BKR Water Bottle, it’s eco friendly and made of glass surrounded by a pretty colored cover (there’s a rainbow of options).  This umbrella is bound to create a smile- even on the gloomiest rainy day.  These star bracelets are perfect for a sister or friend, one for her and one for you!  Store it in one of these adorable macaroon boxes.

All of these ideas are the creme de la creme, speaking of which- this print is so chic and makes a wonderful addition to an office or any personal space.  It might just be the perfect gift to give yourself this year!

Be sure to choose the fastest shipping speed so you’re guaranteed an on time arrival!

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Fall Cozy


Pink PJ Set // Socks // Cotton Robe // Silk + Velvet Blanket // Gray Mug // Fauchon Tea

Fall has officially arrived!  Shorter days and dropping temperatures mean more time spent indoors.  Rather than sulking for balmy summer days embrace the change and enjoy the moment.  A cozy blanket and a good cup of tea might just be the perfect inspiration for curling up and watching the fall leaves float by.  An Afternoon in Paris tea from Fauchon is simply the best!  Although you’ll have to go there to get it… Orchid Oolong is a close second and available for purchase online here.  Whether its an evening in after work or a lazy Sunday, a little lounging can go a long way.

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un deux trois


 one. two. three. four. five.

Soak in the beautiful sunshine and warmth before sweater weather truly kicks in.  These jeans (on sale!) are magical, with the perfect amount of stretch to be comfortable and hold their shape they elongate and grow those legs to super model status.  The slight flare is a feminine and more mature alternative to the classic skinny jeans.  These shoes are a dream to walk in- and they’re almost half off and sold out everywhere except here, better snap them up quick!  Finish off the look with this adorable look-a-like oui ring. (the real deal is by Dior)

Joyeux mercredi mes amis!



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september beats


Elle Lush is back!  Some creative endeavors and planning a move cross country have left my mind swirling and time melting by faster than ice cream on a hot August night.  Another summer may be over but that’s no reason you can’t bring on a fall with a hop in your step.  This playlist is the perfect feel good mix for wherever your travels take you, even if that’s just for a run around the block.  These Frends Headphones are my favorite for traveling.  Not only do they look cool, the sound is awesome and they are so comfortable!

Happy Friday!

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Natural Buzz


Introducing Teeccino, a healthy alternative to coffee.  Keep the ritual of waking up to a warm cup of coffee but reap the benefits of this all natural drink packed with nutritional health benefits.  Unlike coffee, Teeccino is non-acidic, caffeine free, a natural energy boost, full of antioxidants, loaded with heart healthy potassium and soluble fiber, prebiotic and it’s gluten free.  It can either be brewed like coffee or steeped in a tea bag, either way it produces the same chocolate brown liquid that you’re used to and even mixes well with your favorite creamer {my vote is almond milk}.  It comes in a wide variety of flavors {French Roast, Vanilla Nut, Hazelnut, and Mocha to name a few}.

Coffee is a stimulant and naturally produces a jittery high inevitably followed by a crash.    A lot of the times a crash leads way to another hit of caffeine and then the process begins again.  The body is quick to expel coffee {bathroom break anyone?} because it treats it as a poison.  Have you ever noticed how thirsty you get after that nice frappa-lapa-doublemint-chino?  That’s your body trying to rehydrate and replenish after the toxic sludge hits bottom.

Read up on the benefits of Teeccino here and the negative effects of caffeine here.  Get rid of the jitters and be free from stress.  Even Dr. Oz supports Teeccino as a remedy for fighting  the coffee addiction.

Tea Bag Sampler:


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wanderlust Happy Friday!  If you’re craving an exotic vacation but it’s not in the cards to actually get away then the next best thing is to simply close your eyes and dream of salty sea breezes and warm ocean water.  Crack open a coconut water and turn up some Bob Marley to get in the mood, and why not treat yourself to these delicious white chocolate macadamia nut pancakes {and guess what?! they’re vegan!}  Sometimes a mental escape is all you need, no airport security and luggage nightmares required.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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White Hot Summer


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 

It’s the end of July, we’re in the midst of the summer season and with that comes long sunny days and balmy nights.  Take advantage of this loved time of year and show off your sun kissed tan with the help of summer’s favorite hue.  Never mind the “no white after labor day” rule, keep white on heavy rotation throughout the year for a classic, crisp and refreshing look.

RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer is a must have {read about the entire line here}.  A quick swipe on cheekbones and eyelids gives the slightest shimmery glow, perfect for achieving the all natural dewy after beach look.  I’m eyeing this Shell Clutch, the perfect accessory to have on hand in a beach bag to transition from day to night.  This lace trimmed cotton dress is so feminine and timeless, wishing it would go on sale!


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The perfect summer tote for day and night, city or beach.  Each bag is hand sewn in Italy with the finest suede and finished with Vaccheta leather handles.  Designed and made by Fairchild Baldwin exclusively for Calypso.  A choice of four beautiful sorbet-esque pastel color ways, all you need is the perfect ice cream to go with it!

Available online at Calypso St. Barth.


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